Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lucas Matthew Perez

In 37 more days we get to meet our son Lucas. We are all so excited about him that we can barely stand the wait. Or should I say that I can barely stand the WEIGHT! I'm a little uncomfortable to put it mildly but am thrilled to have a healthy baby boy baking in there. We have had a few issues but we put all of our love, trust, and faith in God and He has taken good care of our Baby Lucas! So now I am just counting the days until I get to hold him. Of course I'd love to meet him any day now but I surely can wait until our scheduled c-section on Novemeber 16th if he decides to hang in there:) I have completed the nursery and wanted to share a few pictures. Hopefully my next post will include pictures of a sweet little angel named Lucas Matthew Perez. We appreciate all prayers for the safe delivery and a healthy baby boy.
All my love, Mollie


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Beautiful room for Lucas! I just know that you are going to love having a baby boy.

Natasha said...

I can't wait to meet sweet Lucas! Love the name by the way! I will call your family's name in prayer - as a request for a smooth, successful delivery of a strong, healthy baby boy! :)

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